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  • Buy points
  • Download online videos / Upload files
  • Process your videos
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How to use:

Add subtitles to your videos; Download online videos(, etc.)

  1. Create account

    - Subscribe an account with your email address

  2. Buy points

    - Login to your account. From the account main page or pricing page, choose a deal and buy points first. You can use these points to process your files.

  3. Download online videos / Upload files

    - We provide video download service from and more websites. You can paste the link of the video on other websites here, we will do the download work for you.

    - In your account main page, upload your files. Once your files are uploaded and listed in the file listing panel, they are ready for adding subtitle.

  4. Process your videos

    - Click on the process file button in the file list and you can use your points to add subtitles to it. Once you submit the request. A certain amount of points will be deducted from your account based on the video duration.

  5. Watch or download your videos

    - It will take us some time to process the files. Once your files are ready, we will notify you by email, you can then download files from the file list. The file download link will be valid for 1 week.